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Premium Walnuts
Power your snacking ideas with walnuts. Our walnuts are selectively sourced and gently shelled resulting in a taste experience that will have you reaching for more! By procuring premium quality walnuts from various geographies through our highly efficient supply chain, we are able to maintain unparalleled traceability to farm gate and superior product freshness. Easily shop our wide variety of premium and sustainable bulk walnuts and wholesale walnuts, below!

Bulk Raw Walnuts for Sale
Our raw walnuts are grown in California and processed at our HACCP and BRC-certified facility in Vietnam. During transport, our walnuts are stored in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure freshness. Once the walnuts arrive in Vietnam, they are carefully inspected to ensure our wholesale walnuts meet our quality standards. Instead of using machines, we prefer hand shelling our walnuts. Hand shelling protects the walnut skin integrity, which keeps the kernel fresh. Exposed nutmeat can lead to a more rapid oxidation and rancidity.

Typically, the process of hand shelling generates a variety of walnut sizes that are sorted into different grades such as LH80, LH20, halves & pieces, and quarters.

Compared to machine shelling, our process of hand shelling walnuts generates a larger percentage of the highly desirable walnut halves. After they are hand cracked, they are packed in vacuum-sealed bags and placed into a carton, where they are then shipped and sold in bulk around the world. Olam sells a variety of quality walnuts in bulk that are ready to ship at market price.

Our Walnuts are certified gluten-free, Halal, Kosher, and vegan-friendly.