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The Health Benefits of Sorghum: A Nutritious and Versatile Grain

Sorghum, also known as great millet, Indian millet, or durra, is a cereal grain plant that belongs to the grass family. It is highly valued for its resistance to drought and heat, making it a staple crop in hot and arid regions. In addition to its agricultural importance, sorghum offers a wide range of health […]

Unveiling the World of Nuts: From Cacao to Sleeve, Strut, and Turkey Nuts, Buffalo Nut, Chinese Nuts, Choco Nuts

Nuts, in their various forms, have been a vital part of human history and culinary culture for centuries. From the rich and decadent cacao nut to the functional sleeve nuts, strut nuts, and even the intriguing turkey nuts, these tiny powerhouses have played a significant role in different aspects of our lives. In this blog […]


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a priority for many, and the importance of incorporating nutritious snacks cannot be overlooked. Whether you are an individual looking for a guilt-free treat or a business in need of wholesome ingredients, Pure American Nuts is your go-to source for premium bulk nuts. With a wide range of delicious and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Health Benefits of Nuts


Health and Wellbeing are vital aspects of our lives, and we must make conscious decisions that promote them. Our bodies require essential nutrients that keep us vigorous and healthy. In this article, we will discuss the ultimate guide for improved health and wellbeing by incorporating nuts into your diet. Nuts are nutritious and offer numerous […]

Hazelnut shells could be used as potential ‘renewable energy source’, research suggests

hazelnut shells

Research into recycling bio-waste could help develop new less polluting fossil fuel alternatives Hazelnuts are delicious, but can their shells be used to create renewable energy? According to researchers in China, the nuts’ shells could be a good biomass source for creating biofuels. The new research focuses on how hazelnut shells respond to the process […]

The little-known nut that may save at-risk rainforests

Mixed nuts

Food scientist Marcello Giannuzzi asks an intriguing question. “What do Italy and the Indonesian rainforests have in common?” he says. “Gelato,” he quickly answers himself with a smile. While few of us would make a connection between Italian ice cream, and Indonesia’s tropical forests, Mr Giannuzzi is forging one thanks to a nut that is […]

Walnuts Welcomes Newly Proposed FDA Health Claim

hazelnut shells

As one of the top walnut suppliers in the world, ofi welcomed the latest news released by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), proposing a new definition of “healthy,” that would allow walnuts to meet the criteria. While the proposed rule is still subject to change, this is promising news for companies who sell walnuts as a snack, […]

From our orchards to consumers: Get to know our California almonds

hazelnut shells

ofi’s footprint in California We currently produce almonds over 13,000 acres, spread out across ten orchards in California’s Central Valley. With that footprint, ofi can produce roughly 26 million pounds of almonds on an average year. Our strategic spread of orchard locations throughout the valley allows us to diversify water, insect and weather risks that play a […]